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Faith as a Fruit

When I think about the subject of trust as it relates to pleasing God and honoring Him with our lives, my mind goes to some of the great old hymns of the church.

There is the invitation hymn, “Only Trust Him”; and the song “Trust and Obey” is not only a classic, but the title may represent one of the most concise summaries of how to successfully live the Christian life I’ve ever heard.

Trust is a major key and is intricately linked to the subject of faith.

With that in mind, it is my pleasure to email your about latest installment of The Teaching Legacy of Derek Prince. In it you'll find some classic teaching from Derek about trust and faith.

I am hoping you will also note the special “For Further Study” offer mentioned at the end of the issue for a gift of any amount. It is the powerful book by Derek titled Faith to Live By. In it you’ll find little-understood insights about the role of faith in a believer’s day-to-day existence.

As always, your gifts of support are welcome, needed, and deeply appreciated. If you can share an offering in support of the many outreaches of DPM, please know it will be used prudently to keep this kind of teaching coming to you and others around the world.

For another great resource from Derek Prince Ministries, check out the new Derek Prince Podcast on iTunes. It’s quick, it’s easy and best of all it’s absolutely free.
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